Children’s programs

At Yongin Martial Arts, our children's programs are without comparison! We focus on both components of martial arts training; physical skills and personal development. Classes are almost every day of the week after school and on Saturday mornings.

Classes at Yongin:

  • Strengthen self-image and improve self-esteem to believe in themselves
  • Increase focus and concentration which can improve grades
  • Develop balance and coordination to get an edge in any sport
  • Learn respect for themselves and others to improve their ability to get along with people
  • Learn self-defense skills to get out of dangerous situations
  • Learn to set and achieve goals which establishes a pattern for success
  • Gain confidence to say no to negative peer pressure

Our program will provide your child with the tools to succeed!

Adult programs

The adult programs at Yongin Martial Arts will help you challenge yourself in ways you never imagined, to help you grow and learn more about yourself.

  • Strengthen your mind to improve your decision making abilities, stress management, alertness, confidence, and you ability to systematically set and achieve goals
  • Condition your body to help improve your overall physical condition, help you regain you flexibility making you feel younger, improve your overall health and improve your stamina to increase your quality of living
  • Calm your spirit to help you learn how to reward yourself from within, diminish your stress so that you are able to calm your mind, and learn to concentrate on and live in the moment.
  • Learn self-defense skills to protect yourself and your family while making time for you!

Family programs

Many families today find themselves pulled in many directions. Make the commitment to spend time together as a family.

  • Quality family time to learn a new, worthwhile activity together
  • Special family class times
  • Family discounts for multiple family members
  • Convenient hours for working parents
  • Share the tenets of the martial arts to build a stronger family: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, and Indomitable Spirit

The family that kicks together sticks together!